Information in English

De Geer is Norrköpings oldest upper secondary school, dating back to 1868. The school is named after merchant Louis De Geer but was formerly called Norrköpings grammar school. It was then a junior secondary school for boys and upper secondary school for boys and girls.

The school has been educating students for 150 years. During that time, experience and knowledge has contributed to creating a confident school. Confidence in being able to offer educational programmes that will lead you towards your goals. Our education has always been at the leading edge in Norrköping in social sciences, humanities, language studies and aesthetics. A tradition we cherish. As a student at De Geer upper secondary school you will be given a solid foundation, you get to challenge yourself and develop knowledge about the world and yourself as an individual. De Geer upper secondary school can offer you an education that will lead the way into your future.

Our programmes

Aesthetic and Art education:

  • Music education
  • Film and photo
  • Dance
  • Drawing and designing
  • Theatre
  • Humanisties and culture
  • Humanities and language studies

Social Science:

  • Media and Journalism
  • Civics
  • Behavioural Science
  • Event and travelling
  • Restaurant and Food science

Special topic:

  • Football

Upper secondary school for pupils with learning disabilities:

  • Hotel and Restaurant
  • Individual programme